Burger Night

Burger Night is a place for tech founders to hang out. No talks, no investors, no business cards. Just us keeping it real and catching up.

Burger Night happens every month at a nice burger joint, usually the last Monday of the month.

Founders only, but otherwise open to all genders, creeds, and choices of text editor.

Burger Night isn't advertised or listed anywhere. It never has a sponsor. We keep it under the radar of all the hype, media, politics and other crap that gets in the way of running a tech business. It's self-organised, distributed, and obfuscated.

To find a Burger Night in your city, ask around to find it. Please don't post it on any event site or Facebook.

If you can't find Burger Night in your city, start one! (Please just follow the rules here.) You'll probably need to commit to it for 6 months to get it going. Then, you know, just let it exist. Please let us know when you start so and we'll intro you to all the other Burger Night organisers around the world.